We charge $250 per hour for each technician. We typically send 1 or 2 technicians to the job depending on the circumstances.

Biohazardous Waste Disposal Fee:

We charge $250 for each 20 gallon red biohazardous waste bin we use.

Partially filled bins are charged at the full $250 rate. This is because by law we are not allowed to store the bins and as such go directly from the job site to the biohazardous waste treatment facility.

Only items that must be disposed of as biohazardous waste are placed in the red bins. The rest is disposed of as regular household or construction trash. As an example, if there is blood on a mattress, we will cut out the blood stained parts of the mattress and dispose of it as biohazardous waste. The rest of the mattress which is not contaminated.  

The personal protective equipment that our technicians wear (Tyvek suit, mask, gloves, etc) and cleaning rags are disposed of in the red biohazardous waste bins.

There are no additional fees or hidden charges of any kind.

Average Costs:

Most biohazardous cleaning situations that involve someone passing away in their home alone and found shortly after, with biohazardous material in a significant portion of a small bathroom and a small part of the bedroom typically takes about 6-8 man hours ($1500 to $2000) plus 2 red bins ($500) for a total of about $2000 to $2500.


We provide ballpark estimates over the phone.  In-person quotes are $250.


For homeowners, we will provide you with a detailed invoice and require payment via, cash or check at the completion of the cleaning. If your homeowner’s insurance policy is going to pay for the cleaning, we will bill them directly and simply ask you for your deductible and insurance adjuster’s contact information. I will note that our rates are frequently lower than your deductible and are very reasonable compared to the national franchise crime scene cleaning companies.