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Clutter Cleanup can build up in many areas of homes and businesses for many reasons and can create a filthy house. Sometimes, clutter piles up when property owners continue to stack unused items in one particular space that is out of sight and out of mind. Other times, clutter builds slowly in everyday living spaces when people have less and less time to organize and sort their belongings. Unfortunately, the time comes when the clutter becomes so overwhelming that it starts to negatively impact a person or family’s life. Becoming organized to clean up a cluttered room is important to your health and lifestyle.

Clutter Cleaning Service is all about organizing and sorting. Estate Cleanup Experts offers a unique and intimate approach to the organization process. We will provide highly trained, certified project managers and technicians to take away the chaos from clutter.

Clutter Clean Up Goes Into 3 Categories:

  • Keepsakes/Collectibles Organizing
  • Donation Removal and Hauling
  • Trash/Garbage Cleanup

First, any Clutter that is unusable or objects that belong in the trash will be removed from the property in order to make room for more valuable things. Extreme Hoarding Experts will supply boxes, heavy duty garbage bags, trucks, and even dumpsters to get the job done. Don’t worry. Extreme Hoarding Experts will never blindly throw anything away. Every item must be inspected by the homeowner before it is considered clutter and removed by us. Once all of the unusable items are removed, the remainder of the process will be much easier to handle.

Donation items consist of things that may be cluttering a particular area of the home or office that are useable, just not by the person who possesses them. Everyone has a few boxes of old clothes that will never be worn again. Or the old furniture that is not quite “antique material” that a relative or loved one left behind. Estate Cleanup will help you decide which items can be donated while hauling these items to the charity of choice. The items will be donated in the family or business’ name while Extreme Hoarding Experts technicians do all of the work to finish the clutter cleanup.

Finally, keepsakes, collectibles, valuables, and heirlooms can be restored and put back where they belong. This is where Estate Cleanup differs from a typical junk removal service. We care, exercising great effort by finding valuables amidst all of the clutter that may have been forgotten about. Other items may lay buried beneath a pile of clutter after being searched for over a long period of time. Estate Cleanup technicians will help to recover these items and return them to the rightful place in a home or office.

Once the clutter is organized and sorted, homeowners can also take advantage of our deep cleaning services. Usually offered with our hoarding cleaning services package, our deep cleaning process will sanitize and freshen your home or business after the clutter has been neatly put back into place.