The stinging smell of urine sharpens the air.  Feces piled in a corner are shrouded by a cloud of flies.  The human inhabitant goes about her daily routine as if nothing is amiss, stepping over the droppings and living amidst gross filth.

When hoarders invite animals into their home, the result is often unsightly and health threatening.  Situations involving abused animals demand their own type of crime scene clean up.   In these instances, the animals, often mistreated or ignored, literally take over the residence.  The resulting mess can be overwhelming.

The police department is not responsible for the cleaning process.  You must call a professional cleaning and disinfecting team to do the job.  The   team can handle any type of animal clean up.  They’ll remove deceased animals from the residence and thoroughly disinfect the area.  Ozone machines are brought in to neutralize odors and eco-friendly chemicals are used to completely clean every inch.  crime scene clean up experts are highly trained to deal with any animal clean up scenario, and they offer a quick two hour response time.

Call for a bid.  They’ll never give you a quote over the phone.  Each traumatic scene clean up situation is different and their professionalism means that they treat every job with respect and compassion.  For your privacy, it’s their policy to never talk to the press – their sole aim is to clean and disinfect. Don’t attempt dog and cat clean up yourself. 

To ensure a full and thorough cleaning and disinfecting of an area, trust to completely restore your property back to normal.

Somehow along the way, they experience a growing need to accept more animals into their mix than they can realistically care for.These individuals are not trying to do any harm, they just simply can’t keep up with the workload that caring for a large, growing number of animals requires. Crime and trauma scenes Cleanup is here to help. We have cleaned hundreds of homes affected with animal hoarding that have including cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and even a tiger hoarding case! Dead animals, animal waste, nesting materials from rodents and high ammonia levels are the most common finding within these homes. Bar none, cat houses are our most predominant animal hoarding case, and are among the worst due to the limited water consumption and high crystallization of cat urine.Their urine saturates everything in the home leaving most of the contents unsalvageable. Beyond that, structural damage is also found within these homes where the urine has physically destroyed carpeting, flooring and drywall. These animal hoarding cases need thorough attention and services must be performed by a company with the knowledge and equipment to properly remediate these homes. But most importantly are the values of that company, one that stands on integrity, honesty, and compassion that it takes to properly deal with these individuals.Crime and trauma scenes Cleanup will sort through the contents and save anything that has not been destroyed. Items that are able to be salvaged can be completely cleaned and disinfected. Crime and trauma scenes Cleanup. will also assess all structural elements throughout the home to consider the options available in addressing any potential damage.
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